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What’s New In Geranium Production


Geranium Production


Geranium production haschanged again during the last 10years. Most of us remember theshift from vegetatively propagatedgeraniums during the 1970’s to seedpropagated geraniums during the1980’s. During the last 10 yearsthere has been a slow shift back tomany of the vegetatively propagatedgeraniums. The reasons for this arenot clear, but I believe areassociated with the attractiveness ofthe large flower heads, increasedstress resistance, new dark-leafedforms that highlight the flowers, oran increase in the desire of theconsumer to simply have a largerplant. In most cases, growers sellthese geraniums as larger plants inlarger containers to compensate forthe increased cost of the cuttingcompared to the seed.Because of the shift back tomany of the cutting propagatedforms there are some old and newissues that you, as growers, shouldbe aware of. These issues includeFlorel applications, disease issues,pH issues, and growth retardantissues.

Source: • Minnesota Commercial Flower Growers Bulletin

Keywords: Xanthomonas Ralstonia Solanacearum

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