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The Most Common Problems in Easter Lily Production (2001)


The Most Common Problems in Easter Lily Production


Height control on Easter lilies is typically a problem later in the production schedule when 1) day temperatures increase and 2) plants are more crowded. Easter lily height is controlled by either applying a chemical growth retardant (A-Rest or Sumagic) or by reducing the difference (DIF) between day and night temperatures that plants are grown at. It is preferable to control elongation by manipulating day and night temperature to reduce DIF. Application of chemical growth retardants can result in some undesirable side effects. A- Rest application can result in increased lower leaf yellowing and loss. In contrast, Sumagic application can increase non- uniformity in a crop and, in some cases, can result in over application and excessive reduction in elongation.

Source: • Minnesota Commercial Flower Growers Bulletin

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