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Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations


Fusarium Stem Rot of Carnations


With the advent of the practice of producing clean cuttings from cultured mother blocks many of the diseases of carnation are now rather easily controlled. For example~ bacterial Wilt which in the past has reached epidemic proportions has been controlled successfully through the use of cuttings in propagation which are not "carriers" of this disease. The same success has been noted in the control of Fusarium wilt and the virus disease known as streak. As these are checked, however, others become more apparent which cannot be controlled by the use of culture cuttings. The disease which has assumed the greatest importance is Fusarium stem or branch rot_, the causal agent of which is Fusarium roseum f. cerealis.

Source: • Colorado State Flower Growers Association Bulletin #58

Keywords: Fusarium

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