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Effects of Time of Transplanting on Bedding Plant Flowering


Effects of Time of Transplanting on Bedding Plant Flowering


There are many links in the chain of bed ding plant production, and together they result in a flowering annual plant which is a source of pride to grower and consumer alike. One of the links in the chain is that of transplanting. The seed flat is not very deep nor rich in nutrients, and seedlings should be removed and placed in another growing container soon after emergence. However, sometimes the job of trans planting is put off due to lack of time. The problem is that transplanting is a very important job, and delaying it can delay flowering enough to miss a market. It must be done as soon as plants can be handled. We like to see seedlings transplanted no later than the first true leaf stage; but if competent people are transplanting, then the job should be done when the cotyledons emerge. You must wait at least that long so there will be leaves to use as handles to pull the plant with. Do not handle the plant by the stem, or you may crush it.

Source: • BP News Bedding Plants, Inc.

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