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Hydrangeas (1982)




STARTING PROCEDURE: The forcing of hydrangeas for Easter and Mother's Day involves a numberof important concerns, the first of which is the starting procedure. Hydrangeas are usually grown by someone else for approximately four months. Therefore, whenyouget them into your green house,the first mostadvisablething to do is to take a soil sample and send it to your local testing facility, for it is almost impossible to treat something properly if you do not know whatyou're starting with. In addition to a soil analysis,askyoursalesmanor the growerwhat has been done to the plants in terms of spraying, feeding, and application of growth retardants. Find out what kind of soil he uses, whether it is compost-based, or an artificial mix which would have to be monitored more closely.

Source: • BP News Bedding Plants, Inc.

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