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The Role of Calcium and Boron in Rose Development and Petal Blackening: Observations in Commercial Rose Greenhouses and Shoot Tissue Nutrient Status


Observations in Commercial Rose Greenhouses & Shoot Tissue Nutri


In this report we summarize observations on petal blackening (PB) shared by California rose growers during our visit this winter. We are also reporting on PB observations me made on roses growing in our experimental greenhouses and hydroponic system, along with some preliminary results on tissue nutrient analyses. As the black and white printing of this report in the ICFG bulletin makes it difficult to appreciate the details of the provided photographs (originally in color), we will gladly provide electronic copies (by e-mail) of this, and any previous, report with color photographs to anybody requesting it.

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Keywords: ICFG Hill Midterm 2006

Libraries: Floriculture Ornamentals

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