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Optimizing rose crop fertilization and irrigation over hourly, daily and seasonal time scales: Cyclical ion and water uptake over different time scales


Cyclical ion and water uptake over different time scales


Since our last report we conducted another hydroponic study to confirm the seasonal, and more particularly the daily (hourly, over 24-h intervals), water and nutrient uptake patterns that we and others have reported in the past (Cabrera, 2003; Cabrera et al., 1995; Mattson and Lieth, 2005). The most significant finding in our last experiment was that the uptake of water and nutrient by ‘Happy Hour’ roses over the course of an individual flowering cycle, and over two daily (24-h) cycles were not influenced by the rootstock (scion grafted on ‘Manetti’ and ‘Natal Briar’). It should be noted that the data from that experiment was collected during the summer months, when average daily temperatures and solar radiation are higher compared to the fall and spring months.

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Keywords: ICFG Hill Midterm 2008

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