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Postharvest control of Botrytis on cut roses


botrytis in postharvest roses


We assessed the degree to which 17 synthetic and non-synthetic fungicides controlled postharvest development of disease caused by Botrytis cinerea in 'Light Orlando' cut roses. Fungicides varied greatly in protection against botrytis once flowers were placed in vases at room temperature after they were inoculated with B. cinerea spores before cold storage. Phytotoxicity response of flowers also varied greatly among the fungicide treatments. Roses treated with the non-synthetic essential oil (cinnamon or thyme) fungicides at 0.20% exhibited relatively low termination frequency due to botrytis, but also exhibited moderate phytotoxicity response to the treatments. Only roses treated with the synthetic fungicide fludioxonil at 0.23 g/L had the desirable combination of low termination frequency due to botrytis and low phytotoxicity response.

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Keywords: ICFG Hill Final Report 2015-2016

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