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Optimizing rose crop nutrient status and productivity through balanced cation and anion ratios: Flower Productivity and Quality


As indicated in previous reports we are growing ‘Avalanche’ rose plants, grafted on ‘Natal Briar’, in a peat based substrate, and subjected them to fertigation with nutrient solutions based on a modified half-strength Hoagland solution. These solutions contain eight different cation (Mg+2, K+ and Ca+2) concentrations and ratios, while holding fixed the anions and micronutrients concentrations. The cation ratios and concentrations used in this study are listed on Table 1 (on the first columns). The first seven solutions are the actual treatments, where the total sum of Mg+2, K+ and Ca+2 cations adds up to 9 meq/L (plus 1 meq/L of ammonium added to all). The last solution (T8) is considered the reference or control (a modified ½ Hoagland) against which we’ll be comparing the flower productivity and quality of the treatment solutions.

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Keywords: ICFG Hill Midterm Report 2012-2013

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