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Enhancing Protea Flowering in Hawaii (2011-12 Midterm Report)


Enhancing Protea Flowering in Hawaii


On December 12, 2011, records were taken on shoot flushing of ten species/cultivars of the genus Protea that were pruned back 9.20.2010, 11/15/2010, and 1/18/2011 As would be expected, extent and vigor of flushing differed among these proteas. Table 1 shows the progress made. Applications of N-6-benzyladenine were made to shoots that had attained 3 flushes at inspection times: July 18, 2011, October 11, 2011, and December 12, 2011. Many of the shoots that received N-6-BA in July and October produced copious amounts of bypassing shoots with no floral bud production. Only two cultivars, Niobe and Sylvia, produced flower buds following the July treatment. These are both strong, vigorous growers with desirable flower heads, so the result is promising. Buds were not observed in December following the October treatment.

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