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Water pH and Soluble Salts Levels Affects Vase Life of Cut Callas, Hydrangeas and Snapdragons


Summary Water quality can have a significant impact on vase life and two of the most important characteristics of water are pH and electrical conductivity (EC), a measure of water’s salinity. Cut flowers are usually placed in tap water, which can vary greatly in pH and EC. Callas were quite tolerant of high water EC and water pH. Vase life varied only from a low of 9.2 days for acidic solutions to a high of 10.1 days for neutral solutions. Increasing EC, low water pH and the use of floral preservatives increased hydrangea vase life. Increasing EC increased vase life from a low of 3.5 days to a high of 5.7 days at 4.0 dS/m in water and from a low of 7.3 days to a high of 15.4 days at 2.5 dS/m, when floral preservatives were used. For snapdragon, increasing EC and the use of floral preservatives increased vase life to a maximum of 9.7 days with 3.0 dS/m with floral preservatives and to 14.8 days with 2.0 dS/m with only water. Water pH had no statistical effect on snapdragon vase life. In summary, water EC for these three species should be approximately 2.0 dS/m, which is higher than most recommendations. Water pH should be low, as high pH solutions either had no effect or reduced vase life, such as with hydrangea.

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Keywords: ICFG Hill Final Report 2011-2012

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