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Ethylene Tolerance of Hybrid Lilies (2008-09 Midterm Report)


Ethylene Tolerance of Hybrid Lilies


Four hybrid lily varieties, L.A. Lilium ‘Princess Amalia’, L.A. L. ‘Red Alert’, Asiatic L. ‘Renoir’, and Oriental L . ‘Stargazer’ were received as precooled, frozen bulbs. After arrival, bulbs were planted on September 26, 2008, rooted in a cooler at 2 °C for three weeks, held at 6°C for 12 days until emergence, and held at 2°C for 12 days. Plants were then moved to a glass-covered greenhouse at 15°C night temperature, 20°C day temperature, and received natural light. As of December 31, visible bud was apparent on all cultivars. Calcium deficiency symptoms occurred on ‘Stargazer’ lilies but symptoms were alleviated with 1.4 g/L calcium chloride sprays 1-2 times each week and a fertilizer change from 250 ppm 20-10-20 to 250 ppm 15-0-15. Lower than average winter light levels in North Carolina resulted in significant bud abortion in ‘Princess Amalia’; our grower contact also noted an increase in bud abortion this winter. Thus far, the other three varieties have not had significant bud abortion.

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