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Development of protocols for optimization of branching and flower counts in cut-flower Gerbera production: investigation of photoperiod effect


The objective of this part of the project was to differentiate effects of various photoperiods and light integral on the Gerbera cut flower production. Previous studies suggested that the flower production of Gerbera can be affected by photoperiod. A study by Leffring1 (1973) on the influences of photoperiod and temperature on shoot and flower production indicated that Gerbera produce a greater number of lateral shoots (giving rise to additional flowers) in response to short day conditions. Leffring also used long days and increased temperatures as an explanation of summer depression. There are also other research studies with different results suggesting that perhaps there is a considerable influence related to the variety being used for experimentation. We set out to investigate whether or how photoperiod affects flower production counts, rates of development and inflorescence quality. We have been using two varieties that have been observed to have different production patterns.

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Keywords: ICFG Hill Final Report 2006-2007

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