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Potassium Silicate Enhances Resistance of Floriculture Crops to Insect Attack (2006-07 Midterm Report)


Potassium Silicate Enhances Resistance of Floriculture Crops to


Thrips and aphids are both key economic pests in rose greenhouses and nurseries. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that silicon is a beneficial plant nutrient. Increasing the plant silicon level may enhance plant growth, quality and yield. Moreover it can increase plant resistance to abiotic stress, diseases and insect pests. Our study hypothesis that silicon has the potential to afford protection to rose plants from thrips and aphids will be tested. If this is proven correct, the use of silicon will be even more beneficial than it is considered now, since it may reduce pesticide applications while enhancing plant quality. This experiment is in progress in one of my greenhouses on the Davis campus. We were late in getting this started, so there are no results to report at this time. I have outlined what the experiment looks like. We will submit a report when data collection is sufficient for us to analyze.

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