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Biological Control of Thrips in Floriculture Greenhouses


Summary: This report details progress made on ‘ Biological Control of Thrips in Floriculture Greenhouses’, from January 1 to August 31, 2012. Previous research tests demonstrated that Tolfenpyrad SC and Pylon are toxic to thrips predators, while Kontos and Overture are slightly toxic, 6 fungicides were not toxic to any of the predators. Recent research by Pochuby and Grieshop at MSU indicate a new approach to the packaging and release of predator mites for biocontrol of thrips may give better results. When foliar sachets are used for the release of Amblyseius cucumeris instead of releasing them in media on the soil surface, more predator mites are found in the plant canopy where thrips are found. Also, preliminary tests by MotaSanchez at MSU indicate that thrips in commercial greenhouses in Michigan may have high levels of insecticide resistance.

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Keywords: ICFG Hill Final Report 2011-2012

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