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Antirrhinum majus L. Seedling Growth Decreased from Fungicide Drenches


Focus on Floriculture


Susceptibility of Anti rrhinum majus, snapdragon, to Phytophthora cactorum stem rot (2) has encouraged the application of preventive fungicide solutions to the soil immediately after seedlings are trans planted. Some producers have suspected that growth is reduced by treat ment and have ascribed blame to particular fungicides or combinations of fungicides. Eight-week-old 'White Butterfly1 and 'Christina' snapdragon seedlings were transplanted from seed flats February 13, 1979, to 10 cm clay pots with a growing medium of silt loam, peatmoss, and perlite (1:2:2 by volume) amended to optimum nutrient levels and pH (3). The same day the growing medium was drenched with various fungicides at commercially used rates (1 ,k). Treatments were as follows:

Source: • Focus on Floriculture, Purdue University

Keywords: Snapdragon White butterfly Diazoben Fungicide Growing medium Susceptibility

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