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Capillary Watering of Rieger Begonias


Focus on Floriculture


How can floricultural commodities be produced and marketed more efficiently? A. One major way to increase efficiency is to compartmentalize the labor force and management staff. Many operations have a manager and several other workers who may all be growers, plumbers, electricians, market managers, and floral designers - all in one person. There is no time for any one of them to be a grower or to see that a market is available for their products. A manager should be the "pencil pusher," figuring the economics of a crop or making a floral arrangment and developing markets. A maintenance man should keep the operation neat and in repair. The grower should spend his time working with the crops; controling insects and pests, planting, watering, etc. The flower shop's personnel should handle customers and floral design. Producing and selling more and better products need not involve hiring more labor, rather dividing up responsibilities among the present force.

Source: • Focus on Floriculture, Purdue University

Keywords: Capillar Foliar cultivars of Reiger

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