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Clerodendrum Hanging Baskets


Clerodendrum Hanging Baskets


DESCRIPTION: The greenhouse Clerodendrum (Clerodendrum thomsonae) or bleeding heart vine is a woody vine native to West Africa. The vine has large cordate ovate leaves occurring opposite along the woody stem. . The flowers are irregular and perfectly characterized by 5 white sepals and 5 red petals. The corolla is bilabiate with the stamens and style being borne long exserted. The inflorescences arise from the leaf axils. PROPAGATION: The Clerodendrum is propagated by leaf bud cuttings taken anytime during the year. A pair of leaves are cut from the stem leaving about 1 inch below and 1/8 inch above the leaves. These cuttings are placed into a rooting media consisting of 1 part soil, 1 part peat, and 1 part perlite. It is best to use only the hard wood cuttings as the soft wood has a tendency to rot before rooting. The cuttings are stuck into 2 1/4" pots or into net pots and placed under a mist system. Jiffy 7's or peat pots will work as well as other pots. The mist is left on the plants until they form good callus, usually about 2 weeks. During this period, bottom heat and extra lighting at night are very useful to promote rapid rooting. After the plants are call used, it will usually take about another 3 weeks before they are rooted; therefore, the bottom heat should be continued during this time.

Source: • Focus on Floriculture, Vol. 6 No. 2

Keywords: Propagation bud cuttings soft wood cut from the stem Clerodendrum thomsonae Leaf bud cuttings Clorosis Acid growing medium

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