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Ebb-and-flow Irrigation in Bedding Plant Production




The negative effects of nutrient runoff onthe environment has come more to the forefront ofgreenhouse issues in the past few years. Alternative irrigation systems that reduce oreliminate runoff that are widely used in Europe have not yet gained much popularity in the southeastern United States, in partdue toalack ofavailable information ontheir use. One such system isebb-and-flow, which is acompletely closed recirculating system, having no runoff whatsoever. In order tolearn more about optimum growing practices using the ebb-and-flow system for bedding plants, marigolds and sunflowers were grown under avariety of con ditions. After a6-week period, pH ofgrowing media ofboth marigolds and sun flowers decreased by1,while EC increased by=1 dS/m. There were alsosignifi cantdifferences inEC duetothedifferent media types. The soillessmedium with thehighest percentage ofvermiculite andlowest percentage ofpine bark had the highest EC. Different types offertilizer and fertilizer rates will bediscussed, as well as interactions between fertilizer and media

Source: • HortScience Program Abstract Volume 32,#3

Keywords: Nutrient runoff Southeastern United States environment closed recirculating system marigolds and sun flowers

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