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Edamame Genotype Performance in Southwest Washington




Commercial edamame {Glycinema^ varieties and advanced edamame breed ing lines from theAsian Vegetable Research Development Center (AVRDC) were tested for adaptability tosouthwest Washington. Edamame, orgreen vegetable soybeans, arespecialty varieties ofsoybeans that areeaten atthegreen stage as avegetable. For thevegetable market, 25beans must weigh atleast 20g.Experi mental procedure wasa randomized complete block design with four replica tions. Recommendations from AVRDC for plant spacing and fertilizer application andtiming were followed. In1995,13commercial varieties and10AVRDC breed inglines were tested inanon-farm location inChehalis. At thesamelocation in 1996,10 ofthese commercial varieties were again tested along with anadditional sixcommercial varieties. Also in1996,12 new AVRDC breeding lineswere tested along with thesingle line that was selected in1995. Both years, all commercial varieties were harvested more than 40days later than their advertised days to maturity. Three commercial varieties, White Lion, Shironomai, andButterbeans, were high-yielding inboth years. In 1995, one AVRDC breeding line was selected inChehalis, and in1996 five additional AVRDC breeding lines were selected. Earliness isakey factor affecting suitability ofcommercial varieties and breeding lines to theChehalis area. In thisregion, irrigation alsoappears essential for production oflarge beans for the vegtable market. Pod weight was not a good indicator of bean weight. Seed was collected in Chehalis from AVRDC breeding lines for use in future trials.

Source: • HortScience Program Abstract Volume 32,#3

Keywords: Asian Vegetable Research Developmen Green vegetable soybeans breeding lines Earliness Vegetable market

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