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Effect of Humidity, Temperature, and Scarification during Storage on Seed Germination .




Lupinus havardiiand L. texensisare two commercially important species of lupines (bluebonnets) in Texas. There isno current information for the storage requirements of these two bluebonnet species seeds. Astudy was undertaken to examine the effects ofrelative humidity, temperature, and scarification onseed germinability. Seeds of the two bluebonnet species were stored under five rela tive humidity treatments (11 %, 23%, 52%, 75%, and 95%) and two temperature treatments (3°C or22°C) either scarified ornonscarified infactorial combina tion. Seed samples were removed monthly. Nonscarified seed were scarified and all seed were placed inaseed germination chamberand germinated inpetri dishes containing moistened filter paper. All samples of seedstored under 95% relative humidity were lost toseed-borne contamination. Germinability ofscarified seed ofboth species decreased within 5 months inthe22°C/75% RH treatment. Other treatments had noeffect ongerminability during 7months of seed storage

Keywords: Lupinus havardi L. texensi storage Toseed-borne

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