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Growth of Poinsettia in Potting Media Amended with Ground Kenaf Stem Core




Euphorbia pulcherrimaW\\\d. 'V-14 Glory Red', V-17 Marble', and 'Jingle Bells 3'were grown in various peat-based potting media amended with ground, non-composted woody stem core of kenaf {HibiscuscannabinusL) and fertilized at every irrigation with a 17N-2.2P-13.8K fertilizer at300 ppm N. Kenaf isan annual tropical species grown in several Gulf Coast states as a fiber crop. Growth and overall quality of all cultivars was best in media containing 50% to 70% coarse grind of kenaf (by volume) and was similar to a commercial soilless control medium (Sunshine #1, SunGro Horticulture, Inc.). Media containing greater than 70% fine grind kenaf resulted in significantly smaller plants with chlorosis of both lower and upper leaves, and also resulted in undesirable shrinkage of media in the containers. Addition of19N-2.6P-10K Osmocote tokenaf-amended media atarate of 3.5 kg.nr3 resulted in significantly better plants with less chlorosis than similar media without Osmocote. Media containing kenafalso resulted in significantly less water-holding capacity than Sunshine #1 and required more frequent irrigation to sustain the growth of plants.

Keywords: Fertilizer Euphorbia pulcherrima Peat-based Non-composted

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