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Lupine (Lupinuspolyphyllus) Flower inResponse toLong-day Photoperiod by Day Extension




Ninety-six uniform plants of each 'Russell hybrid' and 'Gallery' mix lupines sown 9June 1995 were randomly assigned to 32unique treatment combinations. On 14Dec 1995, plants were either placed in a17/13°C day/night temperature (DT/NT) greenhouse (COOL) or 22/18°C DT/NT greenhouse (WARM) as controls, orin aconstant 4.5°C cooler in the dark for 6,810, or12weeks. After cooling, plants were transplanted to #1 nursery cans (2.75 liter) using Sun shine mix #2and were assigned randomly to the COOL orWARM greenhouse. Greenhouse control plants under natural days were transplanted atintervals similar 465 to cooled plants. Days until visible bud and flowering were analyzed using SAS PROC GLM. Plants receiving long day (LD) flowered 7to 10 weeks (46 to 70 days) after the start of LD forcing. Buds were visible in 30to 35 days. Plants receiving natural days (ND) did not flower uniformly unless they were cooled for 12 weeks, yet flowering took longer (8 to12weeks) when compared with LD. Unfortunately, LD lighting for the entire forcing period caused excess stretching, so plants finished too tall for quality potted plants. Forcing in aCOOL green house delayed flowering about a week compared to the WARM greenhouse.

Keywords: LD lighting flower uniforml SAS PROC GLM H 'Russell hybrid'

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