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Response of Three Poinsettia Cultivars to Root Media Containing Coal Bottom Ash




Poinsettia {EuphorbiapulchemmaW\\\6. Ex Klotsch) cultivars 'Dynasty Red', Nutcracker Pink', and 'Annette Hegg Topwhite' were planted in15-cm azalea pots containing peat: vermiculite (1:1, v:v) in which coal bottom ash sieved through 6-mm mesh was mixed in proportions of0%, 25%, or50% by volume. Planting date was 23July 1996, and pinch date was 25Aug. Harvest date at an thesis was 16Dec. Plant heights of all cultivars were increased in the ash media. L, a,and b, values measured with a Minolta CR-200 chroma meter differed very slightly among ash levels within cultivars. Mean per plant bract cluster count was very similar among ash levels and cultivars. Mean diameter of largest bract cluster was in creased above that of 0% coal ash plants for 'Topwhite' plants in 50% coal ash media. Mean per plant dry weights ofall three cultivars were increased over those of control plants in both 25% and 50% coal ash media. Media pH increased with increase in ash, while EC tended to decrease. Media available Ca increased with ash increase, while Mg decreased and the same pattern was noted for leaf tissue Ca and Mg. This was probably due to release of Ca from the ash, which contains about 10%Ca oxides. Tissue levels of Ca and Mg were within acceptable ranges; however, Klevels also declined in plant tissue to suboptimal levels with plants in ash media.

Source: • HortScience Program Abstract Volume 32,#3

Keywords: Ca and Mg Plant heights Ash media Chroma

Libraries: Floriculture

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