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Rooting Performance of Hydrangea Cutting Propagation Media Coal Bottom Ash




Rooting performance was evaluated for three different hydrangea {Hydrangea macrophyllaThunb. 'Blaumeise Lace Cap') cutting types in propagation media containing peat:sand amended with 0%,25%, 50%,and100% coal bottom ash (CBA) sieved through 2-mm mesh. Electrical conductivity (EC)values ofall media were inacceptably low ranges, whereas pH was suboptimal in all but100%CBA, ranging from 3.8to4.6vs.6.0to6.75 for 100% CBA. Available Ca was significantly higher at up to189 mg.kg-1 in the 100% CBA. Rooted cuttings were analyzed for root counts and dry mass. Terminal tip cuttings produced 96.1 mean roots/stem compared to butterfly cuttings (76.4) and single-eye cuttings (60.7), and there was nosignificant difference inroot dry mass among thedifferent cut ting types. Propagation media containing 50%CBA produced greater numbers ofroots/stem (99.89 and 89.59, respectively). The dry massofroots/stem was significantly higher inmedia with 100% CBA. Root numbers percutting were higher interminal tip cuttings grown in50%and100% CBA and butterfly cut tings in50% CBA. On theother hand, dry mass percutting was higher in100% CBA ascompared totherest,except for theterminal tipandbutterfly cuttings in 50% CBA. The higher pH and Caconcentration may befactors causing thebetter rooting performance in100% CBA. 290 Humic Acid Promotion of Root Development

Keywords: propagation media Hydrangea macrophyllaThunb CBA Dry mas

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