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Influence of Container Size On Petunia Growth


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


Bedding plant growers have a whole host of types, shapes and sizes of growing containers to choose from for production of their crops. These range from single pots to the new multi-pot trays that are available. One question that no one has answered satisfactorily is that of the effect of container size on plant growth. Is there an effect on newly transplanted seedlings? If so, how does it show up? We all know that one way to check the growth of a plant is to let it become pot bound and then maintain it on minimum supplies of water and nutrients. This causes a severe hardening of growth which many times the plant never outgrows. If we restrict the growth of a plant in the early formative stages do we slow down its rate of growth and thus delay flowering? If this is true, then the bedding plant producer should know this so he may choose the right type of growing container.

Keywords: Plant growth Nutrients Hardening of growth Formative stages growing unit

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