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New Concepts in Potted Chysanthemums Part II—Pinching Schedule


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


The second area in scheduling a pot mum is the pinching schedule. This is where most of us make our errors. In turn, our quality suffers and we often end up with a Volkswagen rather than the Cadillac. Our present timetables call for pinching in 14 or 21 days after planting, depending on the season of the year. This schedule was made up 18 years ago and for most growers it has never been altered in the least. During this same period, the cultural practices have been improved greatly, so why not adjust the pinching schedule accordingly? Remember, time tables were meant to be used as guides only. Deviations from these schedules can and should be made when necessary. If the crops growth does not coincide with your present schedule, by all means adjust your schedule. Altering the pinching date of the crop will not affect the flowering date of the crop but definitely can affect the quality of the crop.

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