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New Pot Plant Clerodendrum thomsonae Balf


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


Clerodendrum has been grown as a pot plant in Europe for many years. The plants are propagated in the fall and flower in the spring. Summer-grown Clerodendrum made long shoots with a few or no flowers. This problem is sometimes found in the late spring. This is perhaps the main reason why Cleodendrum has not been grown on a larger commercial scale. At the Department of Floriculture (Agricultural Uni versity of Norway) a clone of Clerodendrum was selected for its most prolific flowering habit. Most of the growers in Norway are now using this clone of Clerodendrum. Research has shown that short days and high light intensity favors flowering. It is possible to flower plants from April to November. Summer-propagated plants flower in about 12 weeks after sticking. Flowering can be a problem even with short days and high light intensity. Experiments at Cornell have shown the new growth retardant A-Rest (not on the market yet) inhibits shoot growth and effectively promotes flowering. B-Nine has little effect and Cycocel is effective only with a very high concentration as a drench. A-Rest is very promising and seems to solve many of the problems with poor flowering in Clerodendrum.

Keywords: Short days Summer-grown larger commercial scale Prolific flowering High light intensity

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