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Toward Longer-Lasting Flowers-Storage of Cut Flowers


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


Cut flowers, and occasionally potted plants, are usually stored in some type of refrigerated units at all levels of marketing: grower, wholesaler and retailer. Since refrigeration is important to the floriculture industry, this paper will attempt to discuss some of the factors one must consider when storing floricultural products. Why Storage? The purpose of any flower storage is to keep the flowers in a marketable condition over a period of time. To accomplish this, the flowers should be placed in storage as soon as possible after they are harvested and cooled to the recommended holding temperature as quick ly as possible to maintain quality and freshness. At low temperature, 31°F, the physiological activity and rate of development of the flower are reduced. The expectation for stored flowers is that the quality and vase life will be identical to the life and quality of fresh flowers. As inferred earlier, and to be outlined later in this series, only quality flowers free from insects, diseases and other blemishes should be stored. Storage Facilities: Proper storage facilities will provide more flexibility in the growers', wholesalers' or retailers' marketing program. Ideal storage facilities: (1) permit the accumulation of quality flowers to meet peak periods of demand associated with major holidays; (2) make it possible to withhold flowers from the market during temp rary periods of surplus or until a more profitable market is found; and (3) provide some leeway for the grower to adjust his crop timing to weather conditions. However, if more intensive merchandising efforts were made, storage would not be of much concern.

Keywords: Floriculture industry marketable condition temperature Harvest Flowers at the Proper Stage Relative humidity

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