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Toward Longer-Lasting Flowers-Structure of Plants


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


How to make cut flowers and potted plants last longer is one of the foremost problems facing growers, whole salers, retailers and consumers. This subject has been of interest to the florists' industry for many years. Many hours of research work have been expended investigating the problems. All kinds of results have been obtained with all types of interpretations. Sometimes interpretation of these results was based on scientific fact; sometimes folk lore. In the coming years we are going to see more flowers reach more consumers as a result of national and local flower promotion campaigns. With this in mind, one question will arise, particularly from the consumer—"How can I extend the life of cut flowers and potted plants?" One goal of Cooperative Extension and Cornell University is to provide flower producers, retail florists, wholesalers and consumers with current recommendations and back ground information on how long to prolong the life of cut flowers and potted plants. The information contained in this series is a comprehensive compilation of many years of research reported in United States Department of Agriculture Bulletins, College Experiment Station Bulletins, Professional Journals and Research Reports. If additional information is desired, we will be pleased to supply you with a number of references.

Keywords: Wilt Cells and Tissues Leaves Root Stem

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