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Treflan Causes A Small-Leaf Condition In Greenhouse Roses


New York State Flower Industries , Inc


When a grower finds abnormal plant growth, he wants to know the cause both to correct the situation and prevent reoccurrence. In October 1972, a rose grower observed that many of the young shoots of cultivars 'Forever Yours' and 'Faberge' had /ones with very small leaves IFig. 1 & 2). Below and above these zones, the leaf size and flowers were normal, indicating that some factor had arrested growth at certain stages in the development of the rose shoot. The problem appeared about the time the ventilators were first closed during the evening and heat was being used. Although the small leaf condition was similar to that which Paul V. Nelson (1 I found to be caused by copper deficiency, this was believed unlikely because of the subsequent appearance of normal leaves farther up the stem. The wides pread occurrence of the problem in the greenhouse at the start of the heating season when the ventilators were closed suggested a temporary influence such as spray or fumigation injury or air pollution

Keywords: treatment Abnormal plant growth Development Entilators Fumigation effect

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