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Bedding Plant Shelf Life — Where We Are And Where We Are Going


Illinois State Florists' Association


During the production phase, a bedding plant leads a rather pampered existence. Although we don't always succeed, we try to provide the best environment, keep it awash in nutrients, and provide aeration to its little roots whenever possible. During every step of the way we do our best to keep the plant happy and healthy. Little does the plant suspect what is awaiting it when it leaves the greenhouse! When it arrives at the retailer's establishment, often the plant's sole function in life for the next week or more is to survive. We in the retail trade are very fortunate that bedding plants sell relatively quickly, because they are seldom provided with an environment conducive to long shelf life. We have surveyed many retail outlets, from mass retailers (K-Mart, etc.) to retail nurseries, and upon looking at all the data we collected, we can make the following recommendations:

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 413

Keywords: Night temperatures Irrigation frequency Fast turnover Production Techniques

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