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Illinois State Florists' Association


IT IS BASIC KNOWLEDGE that carbon dioxide (CO,) is needed for plant growth. Also well known is the process whereby carbon dioxide diffuses into the plant leaf from the air, dissolves in the moisture of the cell wall, and then moves into the cell itself. Photosynthesis, a process which takes place only in the presence of light, utilizes carbon dioxide in the formation of plant sugars. These sugars are necessary for plant growth. While the need for carbon dioxide by plants has long been established, only recently has much thought been given to the control of this essential material in the greenhouse atmosphere. In the past, several researchers have shown the value of adding carbon dioxide to the air in greenhouses. However, this apparently did not seem practical on a commercial basis. Conventional green house healing and ventilating systems are also not too well adapted for this purpose.

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 225

Keywords: Photosynthesis manure applications ventilators CO, Additions

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