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Illinois State Florists' Association


Greenhouse owners are finding that skyrocketing costs for heating are taking the pleasure and the profit out of their enterprise. Homeowners with hobby greenhouses who can determine the cost of heating are becoming discouraged and are abandoning or limiting the use of their structures. Greenhouses used for supplementing income through part-time work are becoming so costly to heat that profitability is greatly reduced. Commercial growers in some areas are closing their businesses because the cost of fuel is so high they can no longer operate profitably and some are faced with serious shortages and unavailability of fuel. The picture looks grim, but there are ways to reduce fuel consumption and heat loss. In recent years double-layer walls and roofs have shown fuel savings of 20 to 40%. Cost of installation sometimes is nearly as great as the amount of fuel saved. Some applications of double layers are bulky and reduce light transmission. Others are awkward to install and to work around. In large commercial greenhouses, the advantages usually outweighed the disadvantages and many double-layer, air-inflated coverings are now in use.

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 380

Keywords: Double-layer Air-inflated coverings thermostats reflector High efficiency

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