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Illinois State Florists' Association


Easter 1973 falls on April 22, which is one of the latest possible dates (Table 1). This very late date can be an asset. If forcers will follow simple directions they will be able to produce high quality plants with high bud counts, long lower leaves on short stems with many leaves. How ever, late Easter can be a liability if the crop comes in too early and prolonged storage is required. Many bulb forcers still do not keep records. Would it not be good management if a forcer could go to forcing temperature records and weather information for Easter 1962 on April 22, or even 1968 with Easter on April 14 (Table 1). There are four techniques or cultural methods that the commercial lily forcer can follow to pro gram bulbs for Easter. These methods are: 1. Natural Cooling; 11.Control Temperature Forcing (C.T.F.); III. Home Case-Cooled Bulbs (Do-lt-Yourself); IV. Commercial Case-Cooled Bulbs.

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 338

Keywords: Bulb Natural Cooling Storage StorageControl Temperature Forcing Case-Cooled Bulbs

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