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Miniature Cyclamen Planting Depth Is Critical


Illinois State Florists' Association


In reaction to production problems brought to the attention of Ohio State Univ. personnel, as well as a lack of clarity in the literature concerning planting depth for cyclamen transplants, a trial was conducted at the Ohio State greenhouses. On Feb. 26, 1982, 70 'Beautiful Helena* cell-pak grown cyclamen seedlings obtained courtesy of Mikkelsen, Inc., Ashtabula, OH, were transplanted into 4-inch plastic pots containing a soilless growing medium (Fafard No. 4). Half of the transplants were planted in a manner so that the corm was plunged leaving only the leaves and terminal slightly above the growing medium surface (Figure 1). The other 35 plants were potted so that the corm was fully above the grow ing medium surface (Figure 2).

Source: • Illinois State Florists' Association Bulletin # 406

Keywords: growing medium surface Plunged unplunged Wider-spreading plants Transplants

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