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Illinois State Florists' Association


In most pot plant ranges July, August and September are extremely busy months, either getting ready to propagate poinsettias or actually doing the job. This is not an easy operation; everything is dependent on the weather and I sure don't have to spend a lot of time discussing how this will either help or hinder the operation. Preparing the stock plants. Be sure that you follow a sensible fertility program on the stock. It is essential that the plants receive at least 200-300 ppm of nitrogen and potassium at each watering to produce large, dark green cuttings. Actively growing tip cuttings will root faster than those that are low in fertilizer nutrient elements. — Be sure that the plants are turgid when you take the cuttings. If the weather is extremely warm, many growers come in a few hours earlier to get the operation done before the heat of the day. — Be sure that you do not have whiteflies on the stock plants. They do not drown under mist but they do multiply.

Keywords: Stock plants Sensible fertility program Nitrogen and potassium mist system Snapping vs. cutting

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