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Illinois State Florists' Association#247


AFRICAN VIOLETS (Saintpaulia) are grown by the hundreds and thousands in greenhouses, but they are also grown by one and twos in hundreds of thousands of homes. From the African violet's point of view, many of these homes are stub-standard; individual plants have reason to complain of poor growing conditions, water marks on their leaves, leaf rots and root rots. When all these troubles are avoided, still many plants don't do well. Often the leaves are small and brittle, growth is slow, and flowers are few. The condition is called "stunt." The available evi dence indicates that stunt is a specific transmissable dis ease, probably caused by a virus. Disease Transmitted In Inoculation Tests Stunt was shown to be transmissable by inoculation experiments. Juice from the diseased plants was rubbed on leaves taken from healthy plants. The inoculated leaves were propagated. Check plants were grown from uninoculated leaves of the same healthy plants. After 5 months symptoms began to appear in the plants grown from inoculated leaves, but not in plants grown from the uninoculated leaves. Repetition of this type of experiment gave similar results.

Keywords: Transmitted Inoculation Saintpaulia Spread By Contact Control of Stunt

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