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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #239


The irrigation component of flower production is a major factor contributing to success in attaining high quality in greenhouse crops. In commercial practice, however, the results of irrigation practices are often poor growth, wasted water, high production costs and delayed production, all of which lead to low quality and economic loss. Two experiments were conducted to determine the differences in water use rate of well watered seedling geranium plants at different stages of growth and at different growing sea sons. The seedling geranium cultivar 'Carefree Crimson' was selected as a representative geranium variety and was grown in 4-inch plastic azalea pots containing peat-lite (Jiffy Mix). Eight oz. of Osmocote (14-14-14), 4 oz. of Promcsium and 3.5 oz. of ground limestone were added per bushel of the medium. The plants were irrigated with a small bore, plastic irrigation system with associated time clock and solenoid valves. The two youngest stages and the older plants were grouped together on separate irrigation systems. The plants were grown at 60°F night temperatures.

Keywords: environment irrigation stages of growth evaporation Light and temperature

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