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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #174


The florists geranium, Pelargonium hortorum, is one of the leading pot plants in the United States, both in sales and numbers of plants grown. In the 1959 Agriculture Census of Horticulture Specialty Crops, geraniums were responsible for $16,387,934 in come in the Florists Industry and 5.6% of the value of all flower crops. This alone speaks for the prominence and performance this plant holds in the mind of the consumer. For this reason it is necessary that the consumer be supplied with a quality product, a plant which is as "disease-free" as possible and one that is a proven variety in the location in which it is to be grown. Recently scientists have shown that geraniums can carry or harbor at least three, and possibly more, distinctly different viruses. In most cases these viruses are masked and in this condition the plants do not display symptoms until the right environmental conditions are present. It has been found that from 6070% of all geraniums grown are or may be carrying virus in a masked condition. It is not specifically known what affect these viruses might have on the quality of the geranium plant, because completely healthy plants are often difficult to find.

Keywords: Mosaic Chlorosis Pelargonium hortorum Crinkle or Leaf Curl Vein Clearing

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