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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #170


WATER IN THE MORNING Prevent damping-off in seed flats and other fungus diseases of older plants by doing all watering in the morning. Plants watered in the late afternoon will stay wet all night and conditions will be ideal for the growth of the fungi which cause damping-off, Botrytis blight, and leaf spots. USE THE HOSE HANGERS It is fine to have a hook on the bench on which to hang the end of the watering hose but unless it is used all of the time it is worthless. It only takes one drop of water from the end of a hose which has been lying in the walk to carry a pathogen from the soil in the walk to the plant on the bench. Keep after your employees to use the hose hooks 100? of the time.

Keywords: Botrytis blight Fungus diseases HOSE HANGERS WATER IN THE MORNING ROT-PROOFING WOOD

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