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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #144


Increase your sales this year with garden mums in full bloom during the bedding plant season. It is relatively easy to bring garden mums into flower during May or early June without the use of lights or black cloth. Plant in Early March To flower garden mums during May, plant rooted cuttings during the first week of March and grow them at a minimum night temperature of 60° F until color shows in the buds. At this stage of development, drop the temperatures to 55 or 50° F to maintain quality and prolong the life of the flowers. No lights or black cloth are used; plants are grown with normal day length conditions. Four or five rooted cuttings may be grown in a 5 inch pot or a single cutting may be planted into a 3 or 3% inch pot. It is also suggested that some rooted cuttings be started in pots during the second or third week in April, pinched in 2 weeks, and grown on for the customer who wants vigorous, well-started plants for setting out into the garden. These later plants would not be in flower at the time of sale.

Keywords: Soils and fertilizers Stage of development Soft Pinch Early March soil mixture

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