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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #228


A marked upward tendency has occurred during the past five years in the production and marketing of flowers in various nations of Latin America and elsewhere in the world. A large percentage of these flowers has found its way into the United States market. These imported flowers consist almost entirely of types presently grown in the United States. Although many Latin flower growing operations are locally owned, a number of growers in the Latin American floricultural industry are from the United States. Most locally controlled firms rely on United States technological consultation and marketing contacts. Current information on the extent of these floricultural operations in Latin America and elsewhere is sketchy. Data on the quantities of various specific floricultural commodities imported into the United States are incomplete. Many refinements will be required for the series of statistics on foreign trade in floricultural products to be of maximum effectiveness to interested users.

Keywords: commodity groups fresh cut flowers Orchid plants Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecua dor and Problems

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