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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #171


We assume that your cultured cuttings have been ordered for delivery either this month or next. Are you ready for them to arrive? If so, then you have had a soil test run on your present producing benches. Were the soluble salts high? If they were, you have been leaching the soil at each watering to flush out these excess salts and yet allowing time for the present crop to dry out the soil before replanting. Maybe you haven't decided which benches to throw out and which ones to keep for 6 to 12 more months. Have you been keeping production records? They should help you to decide which benches to save. Much disease problem? How many plants have been lost in this bench this year? More than 5 per cent, better discard these benches. How did the customer like this variety? Poor keeping qualities, poor producer, bad splitter, poor color; these are characteristics to consider. So many growers are banding carnations these days makes one wonder if calyx splitting should be a major factor in determining when to discard a variety. Are you choosing varieties which you personally like or ones which your customer prefers and ones which are going to give you the best dollar return for the investment?

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