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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #194


Greenhouse air conditioning has brought about many changes. I think most growers now recognize that it has greatly improved production and quality thereby contributing substantially to the profitable operation of this type of business. Many Benefits It has also increased the comfort of employees. Some have said that the human comfort aspect has been of as much benefit as anything else. I recall hearing growers say that they used to have their people work in the greenhouse until 10 or 11 a.m. in the summer, then shift them outside during the heat of the day. Around 4 p.m. they again return to the green house to work. With air cooling this procedure has been reversed. Still other growers reported that they used to have a lot of trouble in getting new employees and experienced considerable labor turnover. After air cooling was installed, they sometimes had a waiting list! Certainly, the aspect of human comfort can not be overlooked and adds to the efficient operation of a greenhouse.

Keywords: Winter ventilation temperature Shading Modification In Design Factors velocity of air

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