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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #164


The question of carbon dioxide (CO;.) in the greenhouse atmosphere is currently one of the most widely discussed topics in the floriculture industry. Here in outline form are the important facts about CO.. and its effects on greenhouse flower crops. C02 is one of the raw materials used in the process of photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, C02 and water are combined in the green leaf of the plant in the presence of sunlight to produce carbohydrates or sugars. The energy of the sun is captured in this process of photosynthesis and made available to plants for their various life processes. Another vital process that occurs in plants is respiration. In respiration, the sugars are "burned" to produce energy that is used by the plant cells to carry on their various activities. Respiration proceeds both day and night, while photosynthesis occurs only during the daylight hours when light is available.

Keywords: Photosynthesis LIMITING FACTORS Light, temperature, and CO2 C02 CONCENTRATIONS SOURCES OF C02

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