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Control of Gladiolus Bacterial Scab


Pennsylvania Flower Growers #160


Bacterial scab, caused by Pseudomonas marginata, is a common disease of gladiolus in Pennsylvania. The neck rot phase of the disease may cause serious reductions in flower production due to the death of the leaf clusters or of the whole plant. The lesions on the corms, while usually not affecting spike yield, may in crease the susceptibility of corms to invasion by storage-rot organisms. Corm rot and yellows, caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. gladioli, is also a very common disease in Pennsylvania. It causes severe losses through the rot ting of the corms and death of the plants. In 1963 a test was conducted in a commercial gladiolus field in Somerset County to determine the effectiveness of several corm treatment chemicals for the control of scab and fusarium corm rot. The treatments were as follows:

Keywords: Pseudomonas marginata Corm rot treatments Delsan A-D Fusarium oxysporum f. gladioli

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