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Pennsylvania Flower Growers #138


With optimum levels of moisture, fertilizer, and temperature, poinsettia cuttings propagated in July to the latter part of August normally grow too tall to make a desirable gift plant for the home. Restricting applications of water and fertilizer to control height usually results in smaller bracts and leaves, and may cause leaf drop; lowering the greenhouse temperatures to control height may provide an ideal situation for the development of root rot organisms if they are present in the soil. Experiments at Penn State and several other Experiment Stations have demonstrated that CCC (2chloroethyl trimethyl ammonium chloride), when applied as a soil drench, will reduce plant height by sup pressing internode elongation. Now that Cycocel (the trade name for CCC manufactured by American Cyanamid Company) has been made available as a commercial formulation, it should be possible to use early cuttings and produce plants of desirable height and high quality. Growers will not find it necessary to hold back on watering or fertilizing to prevent tall plants. Now poinsettias can be grown as they should be — at high levels of water and fertilizer.

Keywords: Cycocel 2chloroethyl trimethyl ammonium chl Rates of application high fertilizer water heavily

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