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This is the second of two articles discussing the 1995 OSU Poinsettia Cultivar Trial. The first article included all of the red cultivars and described how we grew the plants, the data we took, and the postharvest procedures. Also, Part I listed names and addresses,and phone numbers for the participating poinsettia breeders/suppliers. This year the named cultivars were also subjected to informal consumer testing. Three plants of each cultivar were placed in decorative sleeves, labeled and displayed at the Tulsa Garden Center. Visitors were asked to list their five favorite cultivars on a ballot. The following cultivars received the most votes in each color category: ♦Red - Red Splendor *Pink - Maren ♦White- Nutcracker White ♦Bicolor- Puebla and Eckespoint Freedom JingleBells Again, a special thanks to MaryBird andJoe Schultefor coordinating the display at the Tulsa Garden Center.

Keywords: Cultivars AVAILABILITY STAND-OUT PERFORMERS Emost votesineach colorcategory

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