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Cockroaches in the Greenhouse


Cockroaches in the Greenhouse


Cockroaches or water bugs are not generally considered to be pests in the greenhouse. However they are probably present, and often in large numbers, in every working greenhouse in the U.S. While most of the 55 cockroach species which occur in this country are not able to successfully establish themselves in the greenhouse, there are five or six species which can be of concern to the greenhouse operator. In terms of their feeding behavior, cockroaches are generally considered to be scavengers and are not usually found feeding on living plant material. They can be attracted to very young, succulent plants or to old, dead or dying plant leaves which are close to the soil surface, and may then browse upon these potential food sources. Any dead plant or animal material which is left around in the greenhouse can be expected to encourage cockroach populations

Source: • Focus on Floriculture, Vol. 5 No. 1

Keywords: Soil Feeding Scavengers Dying plant leaves Dead Shape feeding behavior Source of infestation nocturnal eliminating food and water sources insecticide spray

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